In-Depth Review of Flashlight Friends

December 18, 2013 Posted by Kate

Flashlight FriendsWhen I was a kid my parents gave me a nightlight. It was great for dealing with my fear of the dark while I was in my room, but didn’t do me much good if I had to make my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. My kids were having the same problem, so we bought them small flashlights. Unfortunately, kids being kids, they kept losing them.

I wasn’t really sure what to do, but then I saw an ad for Flashlight Friends. These are stuffed animals with flashlights inside the animal. Unlike nightlights, these are completely portable and the kids can carry them around wherever they are. Plus, they are large and don’t go missing like small flashlights can. My family loves them!

How Flashlight Friends Work

Flashlight Friends are stuffed animals with a flashlight embedded in their chests. When your child presses the flashlight, it lights up, providing your child with illumination for comfort, reading or to help him or her navigate the hallway at night.

The flashlight has an automatic shut-off feature of 20 minutes, preserving the battery and keeping the flashlight running for longer periods of time. It also never gets hot, so you don’t have to worry about your kids burning themselves at all.

Here’s the commercial in case you haven’t seen it yet and want to get a better idea of how they work:

Animal Choices

There’s an animal for every child. Check out these options:

  • Blue Puppy
  • Pink Unicorn
  • Purple Panda
  • Green Dragon
  • Black Penguin
  • Green Turtle
  • Blue Puppy

flashlight friends reviews

Pros and Cons

Anything you get your kids is going to have its pros and cons, though I really do like this product. Here are some things to think about:


  • Large stuffed animals are less likely to be misplaced than small flashlights.
  • Flashlight Friends do double duty as a stuffed animal and a light source.
  • Kids can use the flashlight to get around in a sudden blackout or during the night without disturbing the whole family.
  • No outlet needed. Completely portable.
  • Light shuts off after 20 minutes, reducing battery drain.
  • These attractive animals come in bright, modern colors, a great accent for your child’s room!
  • A great option for kids in group sleeping arrangements, such as at camp: Children have a private light source that won’t disturb others.


  • If your kid gets his or her Flashlight Friend dirty, you can only spot clean with a wet cloth. You can’t immerse these in water.
  • You’ll have to replace the batteries in the flashlight when they run down.

Where to Buy Flashlight Friends

Check out the official website for Flashlight Friends, as you’ll get the best deal there. It’s the lowest price I have seen and you will also get a 30 day money back guarantee. Plus you will be able to choose from all the available characters. Some of the characters are only sold on the website and not in stores.

The Final Word

Flashlight Friends are great for kids and for parents. Kids get to have a cool stuffed toy while also having access to light when they need or want it. Parents get a better shot at a full night’s sleep because their kids can better handle fear of the dark or the need for nighttime trips to the bathroom. Get one for your child or grandchild today. My kids love them and I’m glad I bought mine!

Will You Get a Good Deal Buying Flashlight Friends From Walmart?

January 13, 2014 Posted by admin

flashlight-friends-walmartThese adorable plush animal toys have a built-in flashlight and make a perfect friend for your little one. This special night time pal can assist children that may be afraid of the dark. When your child is in need to use the restroom in the middle of the night they can have assurance that their flashlight friend can light and lead the way. And don’t forget the many activities and games they can play in the dark with this great new play-mate. Children can bring them along in the car, to sleep-overs or while on vacation. All it takes is a little tap to activate the flashlight to turn on and off. To save battery life it automatically turns off after 10 minutes of use. Product requires 3 AAA batteries that are not included in original packaging.

Where can you purchase ‘Flashlight Friends’?

You can locate Flashlight Friends in the “As Seen on TV” section or within the toy department of your local Walmart. You can also purchase this item by visiting the official website at ‘’. Many who have purchased this item from their local retail store are not always satisfied since products can often be damaged during processing and delivery. When you buy directly from the official website you can be sure you will receive the best quality and value regarding this item. Through the website you are also given a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with your order for any reason. Special offers are sometimes given when buying multiple items online as well.

By building your child’s imagination and creativity, this memorable toy is sure to bring delight and entertainment to your young one. Whether your child prefers a Pink Unicorn, Black Penguin, Green Turtle, Blue Puppy, Purple Panda or a Green Dragon, you can be certain your children will enjoy their new Flashlight Friend for many years to come!

Should You Buy Flashlight Friends From Target?

January 11, 2014 Posted by admin

flashlight-friends-reviewKids love stuffed animals and they also love night lights to help them feel safe and secure at night. What happens when stuffed animals and lights are put together? You get flashlight friends! Cuddly, little stuffed animals that light up when you softly tap the light on their belly. This product is offered as six different animals: pink unicorn, black penguin, green dragon, green turtle, blue dog and a purple panda bear. A nice variety for all children to choose from.

The light on these Flashlight Friends has the perfect illumination for your little ones. They glow steadily and they are not too bright that they blind everyone who looks at them but they are bright enough to read books by and to act as a night light for those scary nights. It also has long lasting battery power saving you from having to waste your money buying batteries every other week.

Not only will kids feel secure with the light that Flashlight Friends provide, but they will also love and feel secure by the softness of their new friends fur. They are perfect for hugging and cuddling with and will give children a new incentive to go to bed at night instead of arguing with their parents.

Flashlight Friends are sold in many stores such as Target for comparably the same price as the official website. However, stores like Target, do not carry the large variety of Flashlight Friends like the official website does. You could order from Target and choose from their small selection of two or three animals that go out stock very fast; or you could order from the official website and choose from their very stocked up and diverse selection. Giving your child more options to choose their new furry friend from. All for the same price.

Can You Find Flashlight Friends in Stores?

January 10, 2014 Posted by admin

flashlight friends in storesChildren love playing with soft toys and anything which is innovative is likely to keep the child entertained for long. Flashlight friends is a series of soft animals toys which have been designed to keep children happy. Each toy contains a flashlight in the body. By tapping the toy, the flashlight can be turned on, and by tapping it again, it can be turned off. Thus this toy is a nice gift for small children, who can also use the toy as a night-light when it is dark to easily see and find things on their bed or in the room. These toys can also be used as a flashlight when there is no electricity.

There are six different toys in the flashlight friends series produced by the supplier, in the form of animals. However, only three animals are available in stores at present – the pink unicorn, black penguin and blue puppy. Parents, relatives and friends who wish to gift flashlight friends to children can either buy them in stores or online. However, it may be difficult to find a store nearby which stocks the soft toys in the flashlight friends series. Due to the demand for these, the toys may go out of stock anytime, and you may end up wasting time searching all over for the one you want.

That’s why I recommend buying your flashlight friends online. It’s very convenient, as you can easily order the toys from the online store from the comfort of your own home, without having to spend any time trying to locate a store that stocks them. An immediate notification is provided if any of the toys are no longer in stock. The child can be asked to choose his or her favorite animal before ordering. The shopper only has to select one or more flashlight friend toy, fill the form on the site, pay the amount due, and the toy or toys will be delivered quickly.

Flashlight Friends on Amazon – Is This the Best Deal?

January 8, 2014 Posted by admin

flashlight friends amazonFlashlight friends are amazing cuddly animals that will help your children sleep at night. These cute stuffed animals are equipped with a built-in flashlight that can be used at any time. Nighttime is scary for most children until they hit a certain age, what makes a better nightlight than a soft stuffed animal with a light in the belly?

Children that have toys won’t be surprised by a barbie, or hot wheels, but they sure would light up with a flashlight friend. These adorable stuffed animals are great for any nighttime activity, like reading or getting up to go to the bathroom. You can feel safe that your child will have a light-source so they won’t fall and get hurt while in the dark. There are 6 unique animals available from, stores only carry 4 of the animals.

Flashlight friends in stores are neat because you can play with them and see what exactly you are getting. However, if you choose to buy from a store, it will have wear and tear on it already, from other people playing with it. Flashlight Friends from Walmart presents the same situation, as you don’t know if it is a returned one, or how many times it fell on the floor. Flashlight Friends from Amazon are an alright option, since other people haven’t been playing with it, but they cost more than Flashlight Friends from Target are okay, but they are more expensive than the original site as well. You can buy them just about anywhere, but you can’t find them cheaper than their original website.

Give your children something they don’t have already, a flashlight friend. These are multi-purpose toys, as they will provide your child with safety and security in the dark. Don’t bother looking in stores for them, as the special ones that your children will want are only available on the website.